There is Money to be Made in Podcasting

Podcasts are digital audio recordings that are available online for download or live stream on any computer or media device. In the last couple of years podcasts have become a huge platform for broadcasters and really anyone to share information through the internet by voice to create a following. Podcasts have been referred to as the new way to listen to the radio, and also, the new way to create a market. Ever since Apple Inc. came about the creation of podcasts (pod coming from the name of one of their biggest sellers the IPod) business people have found a new platform to sell their products and ideas. With this new way of broadcasting anything from music, to how-to voice recordings, or even comedy shows, people have found a new way to make money. There’s many ways one can generate revenue from creating podcasts. Advertising still seems to be one of the easiest ways to make money online no matter the platform. There are many big broadcasting companies now getting into the big hype behind podcasts because they know the crowd following they could easily create. Advertisers look for not only how big of an audience the podcast may have, but also how likely the listeners are to take action. Other ways a podcaster can generate cash flow from their popular shows would be to provide services or coaching through their channel, such as business coaching or even podcasting coaching on how to create a business through podcasts. The possibilities seem almost endless with the power of information sharing. I do believe podcasts are the future of on demand radio shows but in a way, so much more.

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