Webcasting as a Business Tool


Many business in today’s modern society looks for new and innovative ways not only to market their product but also ways to facilitate the employee learning process and connect to their clients. Webcasting has been an incredible tool for organisations to generate business value. With webcasting one can not only get the attention of their customers, but can also standardize training for companies who wish to train many at different times while saving money. I have personally been trained by webcasts for different companies, and I never found it incredibly helpful as I am more of a hands on learner. I agree that using webcasts to train employees may be cost effective for companies, but a lot of the time some employees like myself may find it more difficult, slowing down the employee learning curve. Using webcasts either live or recorded as a means of transporting information about a product however, may be the most effective form of advertising there is. I have been subject to great advertisements by big companies through webcasts such as pay-per-view sporting events. By illustrating a product or service, it helps the consumer see themselves using or receiving the product or service. This way it’s much easier for the consumer to become familiar with the product before even getting to see it in person. A lot of the time webcasting platforms such as YouTube offer their services free to the poster and audience, meaning that a small business with not much capital for marketing can advertise their product on a giant platform for free. The internet brings a much larger audience to any business as long as it can attract attention.

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