Webcasting vs Podcasting: Internet broadcasting showdown

Row of widescreen HD displays wtih multiple images isolated on white background

Some would say that comparing these two is like comparing apples and oranges, or to relate a little better, TVs and radios. Both webcasts and podcasts are means of the new generations to get information or be entertained using the internet. But which is best? That all depends on what it is you’re looking for as both means offer an incredible amount of options for an audience to learn, relax, or be entertained. The only real difference between the two is one is simply audio, and the other is visual and audio. One of the more widely used webcast platforms is YouTube, which first launched in February 2005 and has ever since been the number one video sharing website on the internet. I have known about YouTube almost since it came out and have used it to be entertained, relax, and even learn. I only came to find out about podcasting since having to write about it. I cannot say that this is the same case for most people as both are incredibly popular, but I can say that the popularity behind podcasts did come after YouTube and its many now celebrity webcasters blew up on the web. I would say webcasting is definitely more mainstream than podcasting simply because people prefer to watch and listen rather than just listen being that humans are very visual beings. This being said, I do find podcasts much easier to produce than a webcast and for a lot of occasions, more useful in the end. I find this because humans tend to always be on the go and efficiency is one of our strong suits, so listening to your favourite show or lecturer on the go seems much more useful than spending time watching something.


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