Webcasting Sports and Music Events


One of the many branches in the webcasting tree, is the one filled with most of the live events you always wanted to go to but was either too expensive to go, half way across the world, or both. The business behin d webcasting live events and promoting them is yet another way the business world generates profit from webcasting. I have been to at least a handful of events that have been webcasted live and I can guarantee, nothing beats actually being at the event itself. Whether it’s seeing your favourite pop star or watching your favourite athlete compete, nothing beats the thrill of actually being there to see them live in action. Yet, there are still some who don’t mind opting out of the grandeur that is a live event and watching it from home. Of course, if someone is willing to pay for it, you can guarantee someone else is trying to cash in. Some of the highest paid ever webcasting events have been sports related, such as boxing fights which usually generate hundreds of millions of dollars alone from the pay-per-view royalties depending on the boxers. Here are some of the statistics regarding what websites use the most livestreams and webcasts in terms of popularity. YouTube has by far blown everyone entirely out of the water with 74% of websites using YouTube as their main livestream webcasting needs. They have most of the big company rights when it comes to live streaming special events like Coachella or the Olympics. Personally when it comes to webcasts, I only ever opt out for the sporting events rather than music events as that’s really where the magic happens. When I do want to watch any live sporting event for free, I know youtube is most likely to have it.

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