Webcasting Sports and Music Events


One of the many branches in the webcasting tree, is the one filled with most of the live events you always wanted to go to but was either too expensive to go, half way across the world, or both. The business behin d webcasting live events and promoting them is yet another way the business world generates profit from webcasting. I have been to at least a handful of events that have been webcasted live and I can guarantee, nothing beats actually being at the event itself. Whether it’s seeing your favourite pop star or watching your favourite athlete compete, nothing beats the thrill of actually being there to see them live in action. Yet, there are still some who don’t mind opting out of the grandeur that is a live event and watching it from home. Of course, if someone is willing to pay for it, you can guarantee someone else is trying to cash in. Some of the highest paid ever webcasting events have been sports related, such as boxing fights which usually generate hundreds of millions of dollars alone from the pay-per-view royalties depending on the boxers. Here are some of the statistics regarding what websites use the most livestreams and webcasts in terms of popularity. YouTube has by far blown everyone entirely out of the water with 74% of websites using YouTube as their main livestream webcasting needs. They have most of the big company rights when it comes to live streaming special events like Coachella or the Olympics. Personally when it comes to webcasts, I only ever opt out for the sporting events rather than music events as that’s really where the magic happens. When I do want to watch any live sporting event for free, I know youtube is most likely to have it.

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Webcasting as a Business Tool


Many business in today’s modern society looks for new and innovative ways not only to market their product but also ways to facilitate the employee learning process and connect to their clients. Webcasting has been an incredible tool for organisations to generate business value. With webcasting one can not only get the attention of their customers, but can also standardize training for companies who wish to train many at different times while saving money. I have personally been trained by webcasts for different companies, and I never found it incredibly helpful as I am more of a hands on learner. I agree that using webcasts to train employees may be cost effective for companies, but a lot of the time some employees like myself may find it more difficult, slowing down the employee learning curve. Using webcasts either live or recorded as a means of transporting information about a product however, may be the most effective form of advertising there is. I have been subject to great advertisements by big companies through webcasts such as pay-per-view sporting events. By illustrating a product or service, it helps the consumer see themselves using or receiving the product or service. This way it’s much easier for the consumer to become familiar with the product before even getting to see it in person. A lot of the time webcasting platforms such as YouTube offer their services free to the poster and audience, meaning that a small business with not much capital for marketing can advertise their product on a giant platform for free. The internet brings a much larger audience to any business as long as it can attract attention.

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Webcasting vs Podcasting: Internet broadcasting showdown

Row of widescreen HD displays wtih multiple images isolated on white background

Some would say that comparing these two is like comparing apples and oranges, or to relate a little better, TVs and radios. Both webcasts and podcasts are means of the new generations to get information or be entertained using the internet. But which is best? That all depends on what it is you’re looking for as both means offer an incredible amount of options for an audience to learn, relax, or be entertained. The only real difference between the two is one is simply audio, and the other is visual and audio. One of the more widely used webcast platforms is YouTube, which first launched in February 2005 and has ever since been the number one video sharing website on the internet. I have known about YouTube almost since it came out and have used it to be entertained, relax, and even learn. I only came to find out about podcasting since having to write about it. I cannot say that this is the same case for most people as both are incredibly popular, but I can say that the popularity behind podcasts did come after YouTube and its many now celebrity webcasters blew up on the web. I would say webcasting is definitely more mainstream than podcasting simply because people prefer to watch and listen rather than just listen being that humans are very visual beings. This being said, I do find podcasts much easier to produce than a webcast and for a lot of occasions, more useful in the end. I find this because humans tend to always be on the go and efficiency is one of our strong suits, so listening to your favourite show or lecturer on the go seems much more useful than spending time watching something.


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How podcasts are making people smarter


With the increasing popularity of podcasting, there has been a rise in the number of podcasts actively hosted, meaning there is a variety of different shows and ways for people to be entertained and educated. I recently came to learn about the variety of genres podcasting has, I thought it was mostly music and audio books because that’s all some of my friends and family listen to. I never stepped foot in the world of podcasting, mostly because of now also incredibly popular apps like Spotify which have an incredible array of music choices I like. With my recent discovery of the podcast folder on Spotify, I now find myself listening to TED talks on my way to school, or comedian storytelling while I’m in the car with friends. There is much more than that to podcasts, there is a podcast for any preference or mood; all for free. I found listening to podcasts is one of the best ways to learn while you’re doing something else. With the increasing number of listeners, broadcasters have been able to put out better content for their followers. With features such as President Barack Obama being hosted by comedian Marc Maron on his “WTF” podcast, or leading Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton chatting with Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton at their show “Another Round” it’s no wonder how podcasts have been breaking broadcasting records. People love the convenience of information or entertainment on demand, and I find podcasts to be the best source for anyone relaxing or on the go.

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There is Money to be Made in Podcasting

Podcasts are digital audio recordings that are available online for download or live stream on any computer or media device. In the last couple of years podcasts have become a huge platform for broadcasters and really anyone to share information through the internet by voice to create a following. Podcasts have been referred to as the new way to listen to the radio, and also, the new way to create a market. Ever since Apple Inc. came about the creation of podcasts (pod coming from the name of one of their biggest sellers the IPod) business people have found a new platform to sell their products and ideas. With this new way of broadcasting anything from music, to how-to voice recordings, or even comedy shows, people have found a new way to make money. There’s many ways one can generate revenue from creating podcasts. Advertising still seems to be one of the easiest ways to make money online no matter the platform. There are many big broadcasting companies now getting into the big hype behind podcasts because they know the crowd following they could easily create. Advertisers look for not only how big of an audience the podcast may have, but also how likely the listeners are to take action. Other ways a podcaster can generate cash flow from their popular shows would be to provide services or coaching through their channel, such as business coaching or even podcasting coaching on how to create a business through podcasts. The possibilities seem almost endless with the power of information sharing. I do believe podcasts are the future of on demand radio shows but in a way, so much more.

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